The Corporate Challenge

DXC is a leading multinational IT company that provides a full suite of IT support and services worldwide, employing 130,000 people and operating across 70 countries. The organisation had identified multiple large procurement opportunities valued at £100m+ as part of its future strategic development and growth across the public sector.

DXC knew that social value was a weakness and approached the Social Value Business to strengthen its position and create a fit for purpose approach.

DXC approached Social Value Business to:

  • Understand its current social value position.
  • Create new approaches to social value.
  • Improve knowledge and understanding internally.
  • Improve social value performance.

Bidding for a large opportunity

DXC had also been presented with a large procurement opportunity for a public health provider, to update its electronic staff records. So, the organisation requested additional support from Social Value Business to develop its bid approach and create a catalogue of activities.

The Solution

SVB assigned a multi-disciplined team comprising a Director, a Senior Social Value Consultant, two Social Value Specialists and a Coordinator to deliver a plan of support over one year.

SVB led on:

  • The identification of an Executive Social Value Sponsor, a Social Value Lead and a company-wide social value development group.
  • The engagement and consultation of 20+ internal and 10+ external stakeholders.
  • The research, analysis and measurement of a social value baseline position and a roadmap to social value development and maturity in alignment with future business development.
  • Delivering training and coaching to the Head of Social Value and the bid teams.

SVB also supported DXC to put together a strong bid, as a key member of the bid team and lead for the social value workstream. This support involved:

  • Analysing tech sector dynamics and best practices to identify a value USP.
  • Developing strategic and tactical social value options in alignment with the central government social value toolkit.
  • Searching and selecting partners to deliver costed value activities.
  • Defining the Social Return on Investment of identified opportunities.
  • Creating a delivery and performance framework for all value activities.

The Result

As a result, DXC now has an industry-leading social value approach for the fast-track development, growth and performance of social value. In terms of procurement, the organisation is strongly placed to win new business, thanks to an average of 40% uplift in bid scoring. The SVB team are delighted to have received positive client feedback and to have been retained for social value expertise for future public sector opportunities.

Tricia Blatherwick, Sales Director, said: “Working with the Social Value Business has been a pleasure; their approach is refreshing and challenges the traditional perception of consultants. Their social value insight, knowledge and skills within social value and value development are second to none; from developing social value bid strategies, measuring impact and developing partnerships, to creating value-based USPs and strengthening social value performance.