Communications, engagement and storytelling

Create connection, shift culture

Communication isn’t just about how you promote and celebrate your social value journey; it’s how you get there in the first place.

Our in-house Communications Specialist is adept at turning strategy into action, by connecting your people to a shared direction. Whether you need to win over your board, management and staff, or put social value at the heart of your brand story, we’re ready to support.

How can we help you?

  • Developing your narrative to align social value with your organisation’s vision, values and strategic journey.
  • Surveys and focus groups to gauge how social value is perceived within your organisation, the barriers and opportunities to effective communications.
  • Equipping leaders and managers with the tools and channels to gain buy-in from employees.
  • Devising creative, integrated campaigns to land your social value story with impact, internally and externally.
  • Focussed PR to highlight specific achievements locally, regionally or nationally.
Create connection, shift culture

What our clients say:

Our Space
“We now have tools to enable us to promote ourselves to businesses and to foster longer term funding partnerships. We feel in a much better position to showcase our charity to future funders.”
Jane Smith, Head of Charity, Our Space
Wirral Ark
“One of our major stakeholders just contacted me to say they were bowled over by our 30th anniversary video. You had a major hand in making this successful – so well done 
and thank you!”
Paul Hardman, CEO, Wirral Ark