Gap Analysis

This will identify the journey you would need to undertake to establish a leading social value position within the UK and reduce the emerging gap with competitors. ​

The analysis will align with current and emerging legislation, processes, best practices and the most legitimate evidence and financial sources, including National Themes and Outcomes Measures (TOMs) and the Central Government Social Value framework.​


A positioning paper providing you with a baseline position and a route map for the future measurement, development, and growth of social value within your organisation. This will include ‘quick wins’, enabling you to demonstrate early progress.

Gap Analysis

What our clients say:

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“Our partnership with SVB has energised our staff to look again at why we exist, what we stand for and how we can better serve our communities.”​
Luton Sexual Health
“Working with SVB has been a revelation. They have helped us understand, articulate and drive forward our Social Value contribution to the wider local community, our diverse client population and our amazing staff. This is just the beginning!”
Bernie Rigoulay, Luton Sexual Health