(Social Value Quality Mark®)

When you apply for the Social Value Quality Mark®, you join a movement to drive higher standards of business in the UK. You become ‘value distinct’ – an organisation that stands out for its social principles.

Creating value for your people, communities and the environment isn’t just the right thing to do, it offers proven commercial benefits.

Our Partnership

As founder of the Quality Mark, Social Value Business is uniquely well placed to support your accreditation journey. We know what it takes to meet the required standards.


The awards

SVQM Bronze Award


Bronze marks the meaningful first step. You’re ready to make a series of pledges to create, measure and report social value. You’ll benefit from a clearer view of how your organisation creates impact for employees, communities and the environment.

SVQM Silver Award


Silver is a significant achievement. You are ready to gain insights across your organisation that enable you to benchmark your current impact. You will establish legitimate measurement methods and build upon your Bronze level commitments and pledges. And you’ll benefit from demonstrable evidence to present to your customers and shareholders.

SVQM Gold Award


This coveted award recognises true best practice. You’ve collected evidence for a full 12 months and are now ready to evaluate your impact and demonstrate the gold standard. You will have existing and robust social value practices in place and will likely have a mature social value strategy. At this level, social value is a differentiator for your business, helping you win business, attract talent and drive innovation.

SVQM Platinum award


Platinum marks the pinnacle of social value excellence. You’ve collected 2 years of evidence and are embedding social value through every part of your business. You’re seen as industry leaders and are spreading your influence and innovation outwards, for the benefit of society.