(Impact Analysis)

Based on your measurement framework, we’ll help you map and measure the impact and value against social value themes and contractual requirements.​

  • Using the principles of Social Return on Investment, we’ll measure and calculate the social return for every £1 invested into your organisation (e.g. £4 for every £1 spent).​
  • Map and measure the value of the supply chain, using the principles of Local Multiplier (LM) and your impact on local communities, economies, and clients.​
  • Assign outputs, outcomes, impact, and value to thematic areas as shown on the wheel of value graphic.​
  • Produce an external social value report to showcase your organisation’s baseline value.​
REPORT (Impact Analysis)
Wheel of value

What our clients say:

TTM Healthcare
“What these guys don’t know about social value is frankly not worth knowing. This is clearly going to be the difference between winning and losing in the public sector.”
Greg Ayles, TTM Healthcare