Equip (Training & Coaching)

Are you looking to raise the bar across your team in terms of social value understanding and application? Or perhaps you feel daunted by the need to keep pace with changing procurement policy?

Whether you’re new to social value or seeking to build specific expertise, our courses have been honed to industry needs.

Delivered by our skilled Social Value Specialists, our training will empower you with the courage to realise your potential. Whatever session you choose, we promise it will be accessible, interactive and down-to-earth, with useful take-aways that can be implemented quickly.

Types of course

Development Programme

Aim – Skill, expertise and impact

Social Value Personal Development Programme
(28-hours, modular, online)

Aimed at social value leaders, ESG professionals and those with a passion for maximising organisational value. This 7-module course provides a solid grounding in the core aspects of planning, measuring, monitoring and growing social value.

Exploration Course

Aim – Understanding, application and impact

Social Value Measurement and Calculation
(18 hours, modular, online)

Dive into the detail to build greater understanding, with practical methods and tools that can be adapted and applied for your organisation. This course is designed for anyone who needs a detailed understanding of how to measure and calculate value or Social Return on Investment (SROI).

Discovery Modules

Aim – Awareness and advocacy

(2-6 hours, online)

Perfect for dropping into team days or as standalone sessions – ideal when you need quick buy-in, discussion and awareness.

Modules to choose from:

  • The Social Value Landscape
  • Social Value Planning
  • Analysis and Measurement
  • Calculating Social Impact and Value
  • Reporting and Communication
  • Continuous Improvement and Evolution
  • Ethical Considerations in Social Value

Our Training Commitments

We will raise your awareness of social value

We will raise your awareness of social value,

to improve your understanding of how your organisation can align to current trends, legislation, stakeholder expectations and align to best practice.

We will help you create new and build on existing knowledge

We will help you create new and build on existing knowledge

to enable your organisation to take control and become a leader in social value.

We will assist you in building the skills needed

We will assist you in building the skills needed

to strategically and tactically implement, manage and report social value to achieve the greatest return on your investment, aligned to the needs of your stakeholders.

We will support you to increase your confidence

We will support you to increase your confidence

to challenge the ‘norm’, influence organisational culture and champion social value creation.

What our clients say:

Aker Systems
“The information Social Value Business provided on the current and future social value landscape for UK government was extremely insightful. My team got tangible value from the session, not to mention enjoying it, as well!”
Adrian Pickett, Aker Systems
NHS Humber teaching
“As a speaker, Richard from SVB is highly engaging. We appreciated that he tailored the material to suit the range of audiences we invited him to address, and each time made sure examples were ones which related to services they delivered. This made the sessions useful even for very “hands-on” clinical staff.  He was great at involving the audience, and securing their active participation, even when we were in unfamiliar territory.”
Suze Elmore, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust