Impact Measurement

Being able to explain your impact to funders – both in monetary and social terms – is essential. It’s likely they’ll want robust evidence of how your services or products create social impact – such as wellbeing, carbon reduction or local economic value. This is about gaining competitive advantage – additional reasons to choose your organisation.

We’ll work with you to assess where best to focus your efforts for maximum impact, based on evidence gathered from the audiences you serve. We’ll help you arrive at a set of metrics to articulate your impact, together with an overall Social Return on Investment (SROI) figure.

Impact Measurement

Framework Design

With our knowledge of over 12 social value methodologies, we blend approaches to arrive at a framework that allows you to report your social value consistently, year on year.

This means we’ll help you capture metrics that are meaningful to your business and stakeholders and aligned to recognised approaches.


  • To the National Theme and Outcome Measures (TOMs) for financial proxies
  • To the industry Social Value methodology Social Value on Investment (SROI)​
  • To local value principles to calculate the retained economic benefit. (Local Multiplier)
  • To the United Nations Sustainability Goals


A tool that enables organisation to forecast/report that for every £1 invested into contract/business unit, there is, for example, a £4 return. This also defines the percentage and monetary value of retained economic benefit within the geographical areas.



Forecast value of organisation’s commitment per contract/business unit.



The data and evidence required to capture and claim the greatest social value legitimately.



Area of impact and value back to procurement/commissioning body/department.



A dashboard that captures and provides insight into the live area’ areas of impact and value.

What our clients say:

Our Space

“SVB helped us to highlight and document our strengths, to understand the impact that we were making and to communicate this to others. We now have tools to enable us to showcase our charity to future funders.”

Jane Smith, Head of Charity, Our Space