(Social Value Strategy & Roadmap)

We’ll work with you to develop a Social Value strategy, either based on the findings from the Gap Analysis or from your own, detailed brief.

This will set out your social value ambitions and objectives, the steps you’ll need to take and the governance and resources you’ll need to ensure success.

Your strategy will also align to emerging legislation, societal trends and client expectations, including the Central Government toolkit and pending social value requirements within your sector.

The depth and duration of your strategy can be tailored based on your business needs – from a simple 6-month action plan to a 3-year strategic approach.


A strategic position and direction that aligns to your organisational strategy, culture and goals. The evidence you develop as part of this work will cover most of the requirements of Social Value Quality Mark® Bronze accreditation.

Plan (Social Value Strategy & Roadmap)

What our clients say:

Kier group
“We’ve seen many benefits since commencing our social value journey; ​
these include increasing our knowledge, reputation and helping us to stand out as ​
an industry leader in terms of social value​
in the highways sector.”​
Donna Howard, Kier Highways