A new understanding of social value is equipping Dream Big Sports to compete in a tough sector and advance its local reputation.

The Situation

Dream Big Sports is an award-winning, not-for-profit provider of physical activities and school sports. A socially driven organisation whose goal is to ignite a passion for physical activity in young people, the team wanted support to understand and measure the social value they were delivering.

They knew that having the ability to articulate their impact would be vital to securing funding and gaining a competitive advantage. So, in Winter 2022 they contacted Social Value Business.

The Solution

Dave McGuinness, SVB Specialist with 30 years’ experience in placemaking and community development, was assigned to the project and started by undertaking a Gap Analysis for Dream Big Sports.

A Gap Analysis provides an ideal starting point for clients needing to understand their social value position. For this organisation’s leadership, it revealed the journey they needed to undertake to establish a robust social value position within the UK and reduce the gap with competitors.

The analysis included a desktop overview of competitors’ value propositions, engagement of key people to assess social value awareness and skills, and the review of hidden value within the supply chain.

Armed with a clear assessment and roadmap, Dave then worked with Dream Big Sports to help the team advance its social value position. This included:

  • Developing a framework and associated tools to enable DBS to capture, monitor and measure impact and value in alignment with contract/organisation requirements.
  • Calculating the value of the organisation’s commitment per contract
  • Creating a dashboard that captures and provides insight into the ‘live area’ areas of impact and value.

Dave used his specialist knowledge to ensure alignment with industry-recognised tools and standards – including the National Theme and Outcome Measures (TOMs), Social Return on Investment (SROI), and local value principles to calculate the retained economic benefit (Local Multiplier).

He also delivered a 4-stage Development Programme designed to help the team raise awareness, build skills and knowledge and develop confidence in Social Value. The training covered Strategic Focus, Stakeholders, Social Value Mapping and Technical Reporting.

The Result

Social Value Business completed the project in Autumn 2023. The organisation is now equipped to demonstrate a social return of £3.10 for every £1 invested into the organisation – credible impact metrics that funders want to see.

They have also released their first Social Value Report 2022-23, presenting an impressive, compelling story about the difference they make to young people. Dream Big Sports has delivered over £2.14m in total social value – through its education provision, holiday camps, training and associated activities.

Dillan O’Connor, Director of Dream Big Sports, said:

“12 months on, the difference is remarkable and has really transformed our thinking. Since working with Dave and Social Value Business, we are now confident in articulating what Social Value means to Dream Big Sports and where we deliver it across all areas of provision. This increased level of confidence and understanding of Social Value will improve our market position in a competitive sector as we believe it to be a key differentiator for us.

“In addition, as we begin to look at future partnerships and tender opportunities, our Social Value annual report provides clear evidence of where we have delivered value and positive impact, hopefully helping us to develop our reputation locally.”