We’re unsure of our starting point

What this might look and feel like:

  • Your organisation is engaged in various activities but you’re not sure what ‘good’ looks like or how to get there.
  • You sense your competitors are edging ahead and want to know how to close the gap.

Social Value Business can help you assess your current value position, opportunities and weaknesses. We’ll explore best practice for your sector, and develop a plan to help you achieve it.


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Your tailored Social Value journey might include:

Gap AnalysisOur comprehensive Gap Analysis can come as a revelation – highlighting your social value position, quick wins and opportunities. This will identify the journey you would need to undertake to establish a leading social value position within the UK and reduce the emerging gap with competitors. ​

The analysis will align with current and emerging legislation, processes, best practices and the most legitimate evidence and financial sources, including National Themes and Outcomes Measures (TOMs) and the central government Social Value Model.​

measureBeing able to explain your impact to stakeholders – both in monetary and social terms – is powerful. Imagine demonstrating that your services or products lead to greater happiness and wellbeing, cut carbon or create thriving local economies. This is about giving you competitive advantage – additional reasons to choose your organisation.

We’ll work with you to assess where best to focus your efforts for maximum impact, based on evidence gathered from the audiences you serve. We’ll help you arrive at a set of metrics to articulate your impact, together with an overall Social Return on Investment (SROI) figure.

StrategyTo realise big opportunity, you need an experienced guide. We’ll work with you to develop a Social Value strategy based on the findings from the Gap Analysis. This will set out your social value ambitions and objectives, the steps you’ll need to take and the governance and resources you’ll need to ensure success.

Your strategy will also align to emerging legislation, societal trends and client expectations, including the central government model and pending social value requirements within your sector.

The depth and duration of your strategy can be tailored based on your business needs – from a simple 6-month plan to a 3-year strategic approach.

SCQM Bronze awardThere are many reasons why organisations will seek accreditation. For organisations like yours, who are in the ‘Discovery’ phase, the accreditation process will help deepen your knowledge of social value and how it’s measured. Successful accreditation will also give you external verification of your value and an accolade to help showcase this externally.

Social Value Quality Mark ‘Bronze’ is the first step in the award pathway. As founders of the Quality Mark, SVB are uniquely placed to guide you through the requirements and support a successful application.