We’re just starting this journey – make it simple for us

What this might look and feel like:

  • Your organisation is exploring social value for the first time, with little in the way of established plans, processes, resources and governance;
  • You’ve been tasked with social value as part of your role, and are wondering ‘what next?’

You may not realise it, but you’re already creating social value. Social Value Business can suggest some quick wins, followed by a more structured plan to get you started. If you’d like a hand to build your skills and confidence, we can provide awareness training or mentoring to suit your needs.

Your tailored Social Value journey might include:

Gap AnalysisOur comprehensive Gap Analysis can come as a revelation – highlighting your social value position, quick wins and opportunities. This will identify the journey you would need to undertake to establish a leading social value position within the UK and reduce the emerging gap with competitors. ​

The analysis will align with current and emerging legislation, processes, best practices and the most legitimate evidence and financial sources, including National Themes and Outcomes Measures (TOMs) and the central government Social Value Model.​

PlanTo realise big opportunity, you need an experienced guide. We’ll work with you to develop a Social Value strategy based on the findings from the Gap Analysis. This will set out your social value ambitions and objectives, the steps you’ll need to take and the governance and resources you’ll need to ensure success.

Your strategy will also align to emerging legislation, societal trends and client expectations, including the Central Government toolkit and pending social value requirements within your sector.

The depth and duration of your strategy can be tailored based on your business needs – from a simple 6-month plan to a 3-year strategic approach.

Training Mentoring If you’d like to increase your knowledge, build your skills, or boost your confidence when it comes to social value, ask about our tailored training offer.

The social value landscape is constantly moving, and the pressure to keep up with new terminology or procurement legislation can feel daunting.

Delivered by our skilled Social Value Specialists, our training will empower you with the courage to realise your potential. You can choose different session lengths and formats, from a 2-hour video session to an all-day face-to-face workshop.

Whatever session you choose, we promise it will be accessible, interactive and down-to-earth, with useful take-aways that can be implemented quickly.

At this stage, you may benefit most from:

  • Social Value Awareness (2 hours, online)
  • Social Value Strategy Development (4 hours, online or onsite)
  • Monthly mentoring sessions (1 hour, online)
SCQM Bronze awardThere are many reasons why organisations will seek accreditation. For organisations like yours, who are in the ‘Discovery’ phase, the accreditation process will help deepen your knowledge of social value and how it’s measured. Successful accreditation will also give you external verification of your value and an accolade to help showcase this externally.

Social Value Quality Mark® ‘Bronze’ is the first step in the award pathway. As founders of the Quality Mark, SVB are uniquely placed to guide you through the requirements and support a successful application.