Strategic Support

The specialism to propel your business growth.

Enjoy flexible, modular support to advance your social value position. Strategic support can help you research, define and embed a highly effective approach to social value, in turn supporting you to accelerate growth and build reputation.

Strategic support

Services include:

  • Stakeholder mapping: Identifying and mapping all stakeholders affected by or influencing your social value initiatives, ensuring their needs and expectations are understood and addressed.
  • Establishing best practice: Developing and implement procedures and guidelines that align with the organisation’s social value strategy.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Actively engaging with stakeholders to gather insights and foster collaboration.
  • Governance: Defining clear organisational roles and responsibilities to manage and deliver social value.
  • Marketing and communication: Establishing a solid internal and external communication strategy to create connection and buy-in from your key audiences.
  • Data collection: Implementing systems to gather relevant data for measuring and analysing the impact of social value activities.
  • Monitoring: Establishing monitoring processes and managing performance and delivery against social value commitments.
  • Reporting: Preparing detailed social value reports or social impact assessments.
  • Research: Assessing social value expectations and opportunities directly connected with your organisation’s future business development pipeline.
  • Value intelligence: Using data-led research and intelligence to inform the strategic business planning cycle.
  • Recruitment support: Equipping you to attract the right Social Value talent with expertise in job descriptions, shortlisting and interviews.