We need to fix our strategy, tools and processes

What this might look and feel like:

  • We’re still not quite there with aspects of our governance, measurement or reporting
  • Our social value strategy needs to sync more seamlessly with our business

Having worked with organisations of all sizes and sectors, we’re great at troubleshooting; give us a few hours and we’ll quickly identify where you need support. We’ll work with you to create clarity and consistency – ensuring your social value approach is aligned to your business strategy and cycle.

Your tailored Social Value journey might include:

Gap AnalysisWe recommend a Gap Analysis even for those further along their journey to social value maturity. It will identify specific opportunities and the next steps you need to take to establish a leading social value position within the UK.

The analysis will align with current and emerging legislation, processes, best practices and the most legitimate evidence and financial sources, including National Themes and Outcomes Measures (TOMs) and the Central Government Social Value framework.​

Plan blueTo realise big opportunity, you need an experienced guide. We’ll work with you to develop a Social Value strategy based on the findings from the Gap Analysis. This will set out your social value ambitions and objectives, the steps you’ll need to take and the governance and resources you’ll need to ensure success.

Your strategy will also align to emerging legislation, societal trends and client expectations, including the Central Government toolkit and pending social value requirements within your sector.

The depth and duration of your strategy can be tailored based on your business needs – from a simple 6-month plan to a 3-year strategic approach.

MeasureAll good strategies are measurable. With our knowledge of over 12 social value methodologies, we blend approaches to arrive at a framework that allows you to report your social value year on year.

This means we’ll help you capture metrics that are meaningful to your business and stakeholders and aligned to recognised approaches – from the national TOMS framework and UN Sustainability Goals, to SROI and Local Multiplier.

impact analysis You’ll want to demonstrate solid, evidence-based impact to customers, shareholders and staff. Based on your measurement framework, we’ll help you figure out what, when and how to report.

You can align this to your strategic business cycle, to monitor how social value is enabling your organisation to develop, grow and transform.

Training MentoringOur Social Value Development Programme is for those who want to build deeper, more detailed knowledge. Delivered in four flexible modules by our Social Value Specialists, it will empower you with the confidence to embed social value with greater skill and consistency.

Modules include:

  • Social Value Overview
  • Measuring What Matters
  • Social Value Reporting
  • Calculating Impact and Value

If this isn’t quite right for your organisation, we offer a range of course titles, formats and lengths to suit your needs.

Download our Training Brochure here

Bronze silver awardsFor organisations like yours, who are part way towards social value maturity, there are many reasons to seek accreditation. The award process will help you establish consistency of approach and rhythm around your measurement and reporting. It requires you to develop a clear strategy, road map and governance structure.

Accreditation is also one of the biggest external indicators you can give of your commitment to being a socially responsible business. Our awards are highly sought after; they will add credibility to your tenders, support you to attract and retain talent and propel your growth.

Social Value Quality Mark ‘Bronze’ is the first step in the award pathway, while our Silver Award marks greater commitment and achievement. As founders of the Quality Mark, SVB are uniquely placed to guide you through the requirements and support a successful application.