Tech company stands out as a ‘force for good’

Thanks to expert guidance from SVB, Netcompany has gained competitive advantage together with prestigious Gold accreditation.

The Challenge

Netcompany specialises in digital transformation for public and private enterprises in Northern Europe. It was introduced to Social Value Business in 2021 by public procurement specialists, Advice Cloud, who as part of their work with Netcompany felt that SVQM was the best fit for long term delivery and accreditation of their social value goals.

The company already had a proud track record of driving value for communities, but wanted support to align its social value strategy to its core operations. The introduction of the Government’s Social Value Model* has meant the need for a more robust and structured response when it comes to winning public sector work.

Natalie Wadley, Senior Social Value Consultant for SVB, said: “Netcompany wanted to be recognised as a force for good and for tackling inequality in the tech sector. They asked us to help them create a social value strategy and a way of measuring the impact of their initiatives.”

*The Social Value Model

The Solution

Natalie recommended that Netcompany work towards achieving the Social Value Quality Mark® (SVQM) – an accreditation that recognises distinction in values-led business.

As part of the process, SVB helped the business to develop a social value framework, so it could transparently record and measure the impact of its activities. By aligning the framework to the Social Value Model, the company has been able to demonstrate progress against key themes the government look for, such as tackling economic equality and creating equal opportunity.

SVB also supported the company to develop its Social Value Strategy. Natalie drew clear links between its core activities as a tech provider, and its ability to harness technology as a force for good.

The Result

In July 2023, Netcompany became the first tech provider to receive Social Value Quality Mark® Gold accreditation. This sought-after award independently recognises Netcompany for its social value leadership – doing business at the highest standards, to benefit customers, communities and the environment.

Netcompany is now making excellent progress with its Strategy. For example, its workforce has provided digital skills training for 173-armed forces community personnel and directly supported 754 young people from local schools in host communities, educating them on digital careers.

Richard Davies, Country Managing Partner, UK, said: “We push the boundaries to capture local impact, increase job creation and tackle inequality. I’m delighted that, as a result of our approach, we have received Social Value Quality Mark CIC’s prestigious Gold Award.

“Social Value Business has been integral to this journey, providing specialist guidance, practical support and the momentum to reach new heights.”

Natalie Wadley said: “We’ve been delighted to work with Netcompany on an impactful strategy and framework that directly address their business goals. Achieving Gold accreditation means Netcompany can stand out for the brilliant work it does to add value for society – it makes commercial sense and increases the worth of the brand.”

The company is now looking to continue its social value journey towards Platinum accreditation.