Frameworks and Toolkits

We understand the all organisations are different and therefore have a different range of needs, expectations’ and requirements. Our social impact and value team are able to create frameworks and supporting toolkits to comprehensively measure the full impact and value that are specific to organisational needs.

Core areas include:

  • Developing new methods of stakeholder engagement to help research impact and value.
  • Creating tailored research methods and questions to collect creditable impact and value.
  • Developing internal processes for the collection, analysis, evaluation and reporting of impact.
  • Identifying key roles and responsibilities.
  • Redeveloping data collection processes to support research and reporting processes.
  • Developing and delivering tailored organisational training for senior management and line staff
  • Defining the most suitable impact and values methods to use and create a blended model, if needed.
  • Creating a social value strategy and policy linked to the organisation’s strategic and operational priorities.
  • Creating a knowledge hub for the central source of information, to increase confidence on measuring and reporting impact and value.
  • Identifying creditable sources of data for financial proxies, reference points and best practice.
  • Creating a project management timeline for the development and implementation of service or organisation wide impact and value.