Research and Evaluation

We use a range of research and evaluation methods depending on organisational needs and capacity. These include SAA, SROI, Outcomes Stars, LM3, and blended approaches that we have developed to meet specific needs.

We are able:

  • To create a range of social value pledges and key value indicators to focus future impact and value reporting and demonstrate the social success of your organisation.
  • To use robust research methodologies in engaging and researching stakeholder impact and value.
  • To research, evaluate, measure and report a full range of impacts across health, education, employment, justice, housing, community, environment and economic sectors.
  • To measure the financial and non-financial impact and value of your organisation using Social Return on Investment (SROI) and financial value models and tools.
  • To measure the value created locally within a geographical area, defining the impact on local suppliers, local employment, skills development, inward investment and the environment using the Local Multiplier Effect (LM3) and other local value tools.
  • To measure how your organisation works in partnership with other organisations and how this helps develop additional sustainable impact and social change, using our in house partnership value tools.
  • To measure the strength of trust and relationships between the local community and the organisation through the measurement of the Community and Social Contract, using our in house measurement methodology.
  • To develop a modular report that can be targeted to specific stakeholders and support the creation and development of new and existing income sources.

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