Development Programme

Our development programme consists of 5 full days of training and development aimed at organisations wishing to upskill staff members and embed social impact and value reporting. The programme is facilitated by our experienced impact and value consultants, and will be developed to fit specific needs and interests.

“The power of impact and value”

Developing awareness and insight on social impact and value reporting: how it can be used to support the development of product and services, partnership working and income generation?

Key areas:

  • Scoping current systems, processes and procedures and the identification of roles and responsibilities.
  • Development of an organisation-wide methodology and project plan to effectively manage the implementation of social impact and value reporting.
  • Researching and mapping stakeholders and defining direct and indirect influences on an organisation.
  • Embedding ethical decision making in future impact and value claims.
  • Demonstrating health, education, employment, justice, housing, community, environment, economic and local impact and value.

“Social Value Research and Stakeholder Influence”

This session focuses on developing a strategic and operational focus regarding social value. It will look at measuring areas that are of importance to stakeholders and creating robust systems for independent future reporting.

Key Areas:

  • Developing a range of organisation-wide social value pledges that are linked to the organisation’s strategic and operational priorities.
  • Creating key value indicators, that link to the pledges, ensuring future claims and social value success can be measured.
  • Developing engagement and research methodology to research social and local outcomes, including question development, engagement approach, data collection and communication.
  • Developing a local impact and value research and evaluation methodology to measure and account local value.
  • Developing research methodology for the engagement and measurement of partnership working.

“Measuring outcomes and researching impact”

This session focuses on the analysis of services and stakeholder outcomes, and developing the knowledge, skills and confidence to start to create a social impact and value map.

Key areas:

  • Measuring partner and agency impact on the organisation’s social impact and value.
  • Creating social impact and value mapping to track claims.
  • Developing impact and research methodology to enable the research of how outcomes are being converted into impact.
  • Defining the difference between, outcome, indicators and impact.
  • Measuring the strength of your relationships with your stakeholders.

“Where is our impact?”

This session focuses on building confidence to be able to clearly identify the direct, indirect and wider impact and value created through the delivery of services or operational models.

Key areas:

  • Interpreting and analysing impact data.
  • Defining the frequency of impact being made.
  • Developing knowledge, skills and confidence to convert impact into value.
  • Developing methodology to assign non-financial and financial proxies to impact.
  • Developing a methodology to define organisational influence and how to research data to support future claims.
  • Creating effective case studies to showcase personal impact.

“Organisational Influence”

This session focuses on establishing creditability associated with an organisations social impact and value claims, and building confidence to develop and showcase impact and value.

Key areas:

  • Establishing an organisation’s value and defining the influence that external factors have on the impact and value created.
  • Completing the organisation’s social value map.
  • Identifying any weaknesses in impact and value claims.
  • Developing a modular report methodology to showcase impact and value to key stakeholders and demonstrate your organisations health, education, employment, justice, housing, community, environment, economic and local impact and value.
  • Identifying future measurement and reporting needs.
  • Using impact and value to create new sources of income.
  • Developing a future action plan to embed social impact and value reporting.

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