Social Value Quality Mark

The Mark

The Social Value Quality Mark™ is the only mark of social value within the UK. It is awarded to organisations in recognition for their commitment, measurement, reporting and embedding of impact and value. It can be awarded to organisations of any size, in any sector and any legal structure.

The Aim:

” To create a transparent, legitimate and trustworthy Social Value system that demonstrates the true value of an organisations impact and provides its stakeholder with a mark of quality and achievement that anyone can trust.”


  • To be the first quality standard for social value accounting
  • To reduce subjectivity and build transparency, legitimacy and trust in social value accounting
  • To promote an organisations true social value
  • To champion social value and social business within the UK
  • To assist social business in creating a competitive edge
  • To support the public service (social value) act 2012 and best value commissioning
  • To support the demonstration of financial and non financial value

The Social Value Quality Mark consists of a range of 4 Quality marks highlighted below:



The Stages

The Social Value Business is the founder of the Social Value Quality Mark and is able to award the quality mark to organisations who demonstrate to the auditor that they are able to transparently comply with the 8 key stages of social impact and value reporting.  An accredited social value team member will be allocated to work with the organisation to support them through the key stages, or to carry out an onsite audit of impact and value claims.

The Social Value Quality Mark Level 1, consists of an organisation making a series of pledges to showcase their social impact and value within 12 months.

The Social Value Quality Mark Levels 2, 3 and 4 are made up of a number of stages. It is guided a journey of measuring value, and it is not about a specific approach or model. This way, it is possible for organisations to bench mark themselves against each other.

The Process:

A social value consultant will be allocated to you:

  • They will review your needs and current progress to compliance and provide the most suitable course of action
  • They can set out recommendations and options on how to achieve the compliance and the Social Value Quality Mark in the shortest period
  • They can carry out a pre-audit on your current systems for the capture and evaluation of social value
  • They will recommend and provide training, mentoring and consultancy to develop internal skills and knowledge within your organisation
  • When ready, they will carry out the verification process, if evidence is available to confirm the successful achievement to the minimum standard, they will award the Social Value Quality Mark in principle
  • If required, they can carry out the social value review and evaluation
  • The Social Value Business will review the recommendations and award the organisation the Social Value Quality Mark for a period of 2 year

Social Value Quality Mark

Social Value Level 1

A Social Value Pledge that demonstrates the organisations commitment to measuring and reporting their Social Value within 12 months. Requires Internal Commitment Only

Social Value Level 2

A Social Value Prediction that sets out an organisations expected social value during a 12 month period. Independently Verified

Social Value Level 3

A Lite Social Value Quality Mark that recognises that an organisation has measured and produced a social value report for a service or project. Independently Verified

Social Value Level 4

A Full Social Value Quality Mark recognises that an organisation has measured and reported their Social Value across the organisation and has a robust framework and quality systems in place to measure, collect and analysis data.