Our Clients

We are proud to have supported some of the most influential and leading local, regional and national public, private and third sector organisations within the UK to develop and showcase their social impact and value. We work with organisations regardless of size, legal structure and sector as our approach is based on moulding our approach and support to meet any needs.

Our Experience

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience of measuring and accounting for social impact and value, using a blended approach of  evaluating social impact and value. Click here to download our Social Value Experience Matrix


Manchester, Sheffield, North Staffordshire and Keele.

Local/Central Government:

Cabinet Office and Bolton, Kirklees, Swindon, Gateshead, Greenwich, Trafford.

Housing Associations:

Circle Housing, Trident Reach, Midland Heart, Symphony Housing, Knightstone Housing, NPT Homes, Weavervale Housing, Progress Housing.

National Organisations:

Shelter, YMCA.

Government Spin Outs:

Sirona Care and Health, North Somerset Community Partnership, Nottingham City Care Partnership and Spiral Health.


Social Investment Business and Unltd.


We are proud to have developed excellent relationships with our clients. Here is what some of them say:

“I have been Director of Ariel Trust for over ten years, this means that I have worked with loads of consultants and many of them have been helpful. However none of them have offered me a way of thinking that has transformed a significant part of our business.” Paul Ainsworth

Director, Ariel Trust

“Working with the company has been an incredibly supportive experience, both for the organisation and for me as a Chief executive.  It has enabled me to develop as a CEO at a very challenging time”. Ros Parker

Chief Executive, Aspire

“Working with the company has been an enjoyable experience.  The work has been carried out on time and on budget and it gave very clear outcomes.  We are pleased with the high value and now commissioned another piece of work!” Andrew White

Director of Finance & Business Services, Weavervale Housing Trust

“We have built a relationship with the team and it was a very good experience.  I know I can ring the team at any time and they are able to help.  We can share our connections and hopefully we will be able to work together again in the future”. Karen Shannon

Director & CEO, Let's Go Global

“The company are very professional, very adaptive and responsive to organisations needs.  They provided us with expert advice, forward thinking and innovative approaches.” Steve Moore

Performance Manager, Sirona Care & Health

“Any organisation, whether from private business or social enterprise, that works with the team has the possibility to scale up, think differently and enhance their potential.  The team have a true mix of skills, experience, and knowledge that are highly beneficial to organisaitons”. Tracey Bush

CEO, Spiral Health CIC

“Working with the team has made us focus on our impact in much more tangible, meaningful ways. Ensuring we are active participants throughout the process, it has enabled us to identify, plan and measure the way our work creates value, and allowed us to develop our vision. Working through the stages keeps the task manageable and achievable. Thank you!” Laura Zahra McDonald

Director, ConnectJustice