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STORM®‘s mission is to challenge the ‘fear’ of mental illness and distress.

This will be achieved by challenging ‘fear’ directly through training and education.

  • Face the fear of asking about suicide and self-harm
  • Engage with the person in distress with compassion
  • Acknowledge and validate the pain the person is feeling
  • Respond appropriately, enabling the person to access the support they need


  • To become a global enterprise
  • To have a high social impact
  • To build on knowledge through research


  • Leading change
  • Challenging perceptions
  • Compassion
  • Delivering quality ethically
  • Reaching out and engaging with the community


Date Awarded:
Quality Level Marks: Level 1, Level 2
Social Value Pledges:
  • They pledge to help prevent individuals who are at risk of self harm to seek professional support and promote them in requiring urgent medical care
  • They pledge to reduce the negative effects on the crime and justice systems through early identification and prevention of self harm
  • They pledge to develop a greater awareness in those who engage directly with individuals and organisations who are at risk of self harm to increase knowledge, awareness and understanding of how to identify early signs of self harm and suicide prevention
  • They pledge to promote an improved understanding of self harm within the community and raise awareness of the early signs to prevent crisis
  • They pledge to reduce the negative effect that self harm has indirectly on individuals at risk and their families
  • They pledge to help individuals to retain their independence within the community
  • They pledge to reduce the negative impact on the local and national economy by helping prevent individuals needing urgent or crisis support