Sirona Care & Health Community Interest Company (CIC)

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About Us

Sirona Care & Health Community Interest Company (CIC) was created in October 2011 as an independent non-profit distributing organisation providing publicly-funded health and social care services.  It was formed by the local Primary Care Trust and Council in Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) to ensure the delivery of high quality health and social care services that are easy for people to use and are delivered in a way that makes sense to local people.

In addition to providing services in B&NES, Sirona also provides a range of community health services for children in parts of Wiltshire and specialist services for children with life limiting illnesses in Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire. In October 2013, Sirona started delivering complex healthcare services for people with a learning difficulty in South Gloucestershire and will, from April 2014, be providing all community healthcare services for adults in South Gloucestershire.

Sirona is an independent company with roots firmly within public service.  Their ethos and culture is driven by their commitment to working with others, including local communities, to ensure a joined up approach to health, social care and overall wellbeing with the focus consistently on helping individuals to achieve their goals

Date Awarded: 25th March 2014
Quality Level Marks: Level 1
Social Value Pledges:
  • Sirona provides a service that helps you regain daily living skills that enable you to lead an independent life
  • Sirona provides support through a consistent team of people who will get to know you well
  • Sirona enables you to achieve what you want to achieve by explaining how they will support you and how you can support yourself
  • Sirona encourages family and friends to play a role in your reablement because they believe this will make you healthier and happier
  • Sirona supports you when progress seems slow and celebrates with you the achievement of small goals on your journey to reablement
  • Sirona ensures their staff are kind, courteous, arrive on time and are reliable
  • Sirona trains and supports staff to provide excellent care and they value their experience and expertise to do an outstanding job in supporting your needs
  • Sirona encourages their commissioners to work closely with the service so that they continue to thrive and develop with their support
  • Sirona makes people happier by helping to fulfill their needs, whether this is supporting staff or patients
  • Sirona works with third parties to ensure smooth transitions of care