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About Us

Signal works to help deaf people and those with hearing loss in the UK and abroad. If we talk openly about hearing loss we can raise awareness and break down the barriers often faced by deaf people. Giving people the power to change their own lives is the key to what Signal deaf and hard of hearing charity does.

They work together with other organisations and charities to get the best possible results. Most importantly they involve people with hearing loss throughout their work to give them a big say in changing their own lives.

Date Awarded: 2nd March 2015
Quality Level Marks: Level 1
Social Value Pledges:
  • They pledge to: Help individuals who have a hearing impairment to make informed choices about their own health and well-being. Enabling them to take positive action, which increases their independence.
  • They pledge to: Assist in the development of skills, confidence and knowledge, on how to live independently at home and in the local community through health care professional and peer led awareness training and support that can be accessed local.
  • They pledge to: Support the development of active citizenship in the community through the creation of volunteering opportunities and enable individuals who would like to volunteer, accessing volunteering opportunities.
  • They pledge to: Support the development of accessible advice, support and guidance for those who have a hearing impairment, so they can live a full, active and fulfilled life and help build a local peer support network.
  • We pledge to: Free up local resources, that would otherwise be needed to provide urgent or unplanned support for those individuals with hearing impairment or related conditions.