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Using high quality performance and performing arts tuition, Open the Door Theatre in Education exists to positively affect young people’s lives, delivering clear messages and instilling motivation.

All of their staff members are dedicated and diligent people whose primary vocation is to Theatre in Education.

They truly care for the young people with whom they work with.  Their main aim is to improve their quality of life.

Throughout our nine years of operation the data collected from the participating young people has confirmed that they are making a constructive difference; whether through educating young people about racism, the dangers of crime or by helping them overcome shyness and build confidence with our arts facilitation.

They perform thought-provoking plays and facilitate issue based performing arts projects in approximately five hundred schools and youth clubs per year – reaching more than one hundred and twenty thousand young people.

Date Awarded:
Quality Level Marks: Level 1
Social Value Pledges:
  • They pledge to improve the health and wellbeing of those who engage in their events through the development of community consultation, promoting empowerment and choice
  • They pledge to promote the positive local engagement of volunteers through their events, equipping those who attend them with the knowledge to recruit and retain and increase active volunteers in communities
  • They pledge to develop the confidence, skills and knowledge in others to be better placed to support the community in meeting its needs
  • They pledge to have a positive impact on anti social behaviour within the local area by raising awareness of the negative actions of others and developing a sense of pride in their neighbourhood
  • They pledge to help create resilient local communities by developing a flourishing social economy through the development of engagement events that consulate with residents to find what their value is, that enables local service design and support development
  • They pledge to help to create active communities who have a voice in the development of their neighbourhood to create social action and change