North Somerset Community Partnership (NSCP)

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About Us

NSCP are a staff owned Community Interest Company, providing community based health and well-being services to the people of North Somerset and beyond. Formed in October 2011, NSCP separated from the NHS to become a social enterprise, providing not only publicly funded health services but also private healthcare services. As a social enterprise their goal is to run high quality services but also to make a profit, which is then reinvested back into the communities they serve; developing new services which address the needs of the community.

Around 600 NSCP employees offer a wide range of health and therapeutic skills and their dedication and commitment; they provide 26 communities based healthcare services, free to the people of North Somerset and will offer 195 volunteering opportunities within the community.

Date Awarded: 25th March 2014
Quality Level Marks: Level 1, Level 2
Social Value Pledges:
  • Create a team of locally recruited, trained and knowledgeable volunteers to be able to provide additional value support to the local communities and services users of NSCP
  • Develop a range of health focused services that complement the NSCP contracted staff led service provision
  • Support and develop volunteers to provide emotional, psychological and physical support to service users which helps maintain social mobility, integration, health and well-being
  • Provide a peer led service where ever possible to help create relationships within the community
  • Raise awareness of complimentary services within the community
  • Help with improving the confidence and inner belief of service users
  • Reduce anxiety, stress and uncertainty of the health and social care service