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Knightstone Housing are a leading housing association in Somerset and the West of England, committed to building vibrant, stable and safe communities where people can make their homes. They provide services to over 23,000 people in 11,000 homes, and build around 300 homes a year.

They understand that houses are purely buildings with ambition, they want to be homes and for that to happen they must have life breathed into them. Home is at the very heart of what they do. Put simply – they house people, people make homes.

People also bring with them the potential for community, but communities must be nurtured, allowed to grow and shape themselves. Their role goes beyond housing, they actively empower residents. They bring people together in shared spaces and have a responsibility to care for the communities they create.

Date Awarded:
Quality Level Marks: Level 1
Social Value Pledges:
  • They pledge to invest in resident inspectors as ambassadors for Knightstone Housing Association
  • They pledge to be a critical friend to Knightstone Housing Association
  • They pledge to increase the health and well-being of residents through volunteering
  • They pledge to keep auditing costs down through innovative ways of involving residents
  • They pledge to provide a platform for residents to have their voice
  • They pledge to provide evidence based recommendations which result in business change and development
  • They pledge ti provide a process for continuous improvement of Knightstone’s activities
  • They pledge to build positive relationships between staff and residents
  • They pledge to continue to meet the terms of co-regulation
  • They pledge to contribute to a bank of new knowledge that can be shared throughout the organisation
  • They pledge to provide evidence based reports that are valued in the organisation and lead to positive change for Knightstone and its resident