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About Us

ConnectJustice is a social enterprise creating grassroots solutions to conflict by building trust and collaboration between communities, civil society & state agencies with a focus on violent extremism and exploitation. With academic and practitioner backgrounds we are experts in our fields, doing work pro-bono for communities, with clients paying for our research, training and facilitation.

Areas of work

From conflict management to conflict transformation, our focus is social justice, particularly at the intersections of extremisms and exploitation:
Terror and violent extremism; Social inclusion, cohesion & migration; Sexual exploitation and violence; Community policing; Guns and gangs; Inter & intra communal tensions and peace building; Gender justice; Cultural awareness, orientation and sensitivities; Personal and organisational security in changing or conflicted contexts.

Date Awarded: 26th November 2014
Quality Level Marks: Level 1
Social Value Pledges:
  •  To challenge society through insightful research; facilitating engagement within and between communities and the state, to help prevent conflict and improve social justice
  • To work in partnership with communities to challenge and break down social barriers and empower local people to create social change through positive collaboration
  • To create safe spaces to build trust in situations of injustice, harnessing expertise to support and develop innovative community-led solutions, reducing and preventing crime and conflict
  • To use their evidence based, collaborative approach to build confidence, new skills and awareness in others to encourage and initiate social action and innovation
  • To increase well-being in communities by identifying and tackling the underlying causes of vulnerability, to strengthen emotional and social resilience, and help build better supportive relationships