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Whether you need to borrow money for an emergency or want to put cash aside for something special, you may find Circle Housing Money is more flexible than the high street banks and far cheaper than a payday loan provider.

Circle Housing Money is a partnership with Leeds City Credit Union. Credit unions are set up to benefit the people who join as members; in this case Circle Housing and Centra customers and colleagues. Credit unions are not-for-profit organisations. That means the cash you save will only be used to run the service and reward members, not to pay outside shareholders like most banks. When members put money into savings, others can borrow at affordable rates.

No matter where you live, Circle Housing Money is simple and stress-free to access. You can manage your money online, or if you’d rather speak to someone we’re just a phone call away. It’s easy to join and once you’re a member you can start saving or borrow money at affordable rates.


Date Awarded:
Quality Level Marks: Level 3
Social Value Pledges:
  • They pledge accessible and transparent finance products that meet the needs and expectations of members
  • They pledge to identify the early signs of financial difficulties and support non judgmental support and options
  • They pledge to build and retain trust in the Circle Money financial product and services
  • They pledge to reduce the number of residents accessing high interest loans by offering affordable lending options to members of Circle Money
  • They pledge to provide an alternative option for Circle Housing residents to manage their money and save for the future
  • They pledge to help residents to manage their money better