We have a strong history of supporting clients to evaluate and showcase their social impact and value, in ways that speak to their key stakeholders.

The Social Value Business was set up as a separate social business in 2014. We have a combined experience of over 30 years working and supporting social value organisations. Our social impact and value consultants support charities, social enterprises, private businesses and the public sector. In 2014, we created the UK’s only Social Value Quality Mark that recognises a trusted and legitimate approach to accounting for organisational value.

Partnership – We are not consultants, we are specialist partners. We work alongside you to help you to develop and grow.

People before process – We adopt a people first approach, so people can be creative and seek new and innovative solutions to long standing challenges. People support process.

Development – We believe values create value, and value achieves sustainability and legitimacy.

Value creation – We believe value can be developed and a legacy created by any organisation, regardless of their legal structure. Led by ethics, driven by values.

Driven by values – Our team are value driven and share similar passions, values and ethics with our clients.

Practical – We have practical knowledge developed through our own experience.

Keep it simple – We prefer to keep things simple wherever possible.

Culture – We believe in a culture of honesty and authenticity and actively seek this with our stakeholders.

Legacy – We believe in creating a legacy, therefore we support today to maximise impact and value for tomorrow and beyond.

Why we are different?
Simply, we are driven by our values to work alongside our clients in an ethical and transparent way, without preconceptions and predetermined outcomes. Thus, allowing us to be a true valued values based reporting and development partner.

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How to get hold of us:

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