Measuring social value

Measuring social value

As organisations are now clambering over each other to measure their social value, there are a lot of worried looking faces up and down the country, although the private sector has yet to cotton onto the power of Social Value within their own businesses, but they will. Panic has yet to set in, but the stress of how, what and where to start is certainly in full swing. Organisations are staring nervously at each other before deciding they must start to do something. Which is natural in an emerging field? Social led organisations are not used to having to prove their value only its outcomes, as people in society should already know the value the organisation has, the work that they do, the impact they make and the change their services have on their service users.  Unfortunately, this is not the case and possibly never has been the case. Receiving money to create outcomes is fading away, generating money from demonstrating your impact is quickly becoming the norm.

Social Value can and is being seen as a threat to organisations which have been reliant on income through the public sector and grants. Organisations have forgotten about what matters to them, as it has become what is important to the people who hold the purse strings. So therefore measuring value proves a challenge to the very fabric of Social led organisations, irrespective of whether it is a Charity, Social Enterprise or Private Business.

Social value can help organisations realise why delivering back to basic services prove their value to people who matter, the service users. As it these individuals who experience the changes, the people with the money will look up and take notice. Yes it means truly understanding what your users value and the values that they have. But imagine the power of truly understanding what your users value; being able to develop and deliver services that are aligned to their value and shouting aloud the lasting impact you have on them and the value this has to your community, society and the people who hold the money.

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